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Command-line utility to convert an image to dithered monochrome.

MonokromCL on Github

Monokrom Android

Android app that produces dithered monochrome images.

Monokrom on Play Store


Command-line rewrite of StippleGen, includes a refactor of the complex Voronoi and Travelling Salesman logic to make it much more maintainable.

StipplegenCL on Github

StippleGen OSX

A port of Evil Mad Scientist's Processing app to desktop Java with improvements to the ui, performance and SVG output reliability.

StippleGen OSX on Github

Photo Widget Android

An Android widget that lets you put photos on your device homescreen.

Photo Widget on Play Store

Harmonograph OSX 1.0.0

Desktop app that produces generative art for plotting on the Axidraw pen plotter.

Harmonograph OSX on Github