I’ve just released an update to the Fiskur Braille app, the first release was a good start but it failed at some basic UX for the target audience: a lot of people using the app may have failing eyesight and the size of the fonts and the colour scheme, white on yellow for some buttons, was about as bad as it could be for clarity. The use of the Navigation Drawer was also problematic – it assumed the user would be savvy with the newer Android navigation paradigm, but users of the app are likely to be both younger and older than the usual target audience.


To make the app more user-friendly I abandoned the Navigation Drawer in favour of a simple screen stack; there’s a top-level menu and screens are popped with the back button, a pattern that everyone is familiar with. One review on Google Play rightly criticised the font size so I’ve increased it throughout the app and also changed the colour scheme to improve legibility thanks to Action for Blind People guidelines in their Making it Clear document (pdf).

Hopefully these changes will make the app more usable for users, I had one message on twitter from a parent who had a partially sighted child learning braille and was therefore trying to learn it themselves, so there’s a use-case here for carers too.